Kick start your career on LinkedIn

Discover how to make a bigger impact and get noticed on LinkedIn so that you attract the right people AND the right career opportunities to your profile.
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Kick start your career on LinkedIn

What you get with the LinkedIn Kickstart

When you join the LinkedIn Kickstart, you’ll discover how powerful Linkedin can be when you use it in the right way.You'll identify your goals, get clear on your skills, write a powerful LinkedIn profile and get more visible so that you nail that next career opportunity.

Opportunities show up when you start to show up with consistency and authenticity.

Does this sound familiar? 

  • Competition is tough right now with more talented people than ever applying for even fewer positions.
  • You know it's time to make a move but you feel trapped because you're scared you're won't find the right role with the right flexibility.
  • It's been years since you went job hunting and the thought of getting more visible on LinkedIn and leveraging your network ... it's unfamiliar territory.

My name is Sherry Bevan

In 2009 I was made redundant. It was one of the scariest years of my life. There were so many amazingly talented people in the same situation. And no jobs.

At first I was angry, upset, and ashamed. It really knocked my confidence. I just wanted to hide away but I couldn't because I had a mortgage to worry about, bills to pay and two young daughters to provide for.

So I did what I knew best. I took action

I got clear on my goals. I polished my LinkedIn profile. I updated my CV. I networked like crazy. I asked for help. 

And it worked. I found my next job through my LinkedIn network. I stayed there three years but I didn't love it. I felt undervalued, underpaid and overworked. My girls were growing up fast and I knew I wanted to be more present. So this time I took control and I did it all over again. 

Got clear on my goals. Polished my profile. Updated my CV. Networked like crazy. Asked for help. 

My next three roles all came through my network on LinkedIn. Using the same simple strategy and framework every time. And now I use that exact same framework to help my amazing clients get jobs they love with the work-life balance to match.

And now introducing ....

  • Clarity

    Get clear on your career goals and values so that you don't waste time applying for the wrong jobs.

  • Profile

    Create a powerful LinkedIn profile (headline, summary, experience & more) that gets you noticed and on the shortlist.

  • Control

    Take back control with more understanding of how LinkedIn works and what recruiters are looking for.

  • Confidence

    Discover how to show up with confidence so that you get noticed and attract opportunities to your profile

  • Dream job

    Find the job of your dreams so that you wake up every day excited to go to work!

Four reasons to invest in you and your career


Get clarity on your career goals so you don't get stuck in overwhelm applying for countless unsuitable roles.


Get the inner confidence that comes from understanding your unique set of skills and experience.


So that you make the next career move with confidence and purpose and get paid your worth.

Stop feeling scared, worrying what you're missing, whether you're ready or where you belong.

What you get in the LINKEDIN KICKSTART

✔  Bite-sized tasks

Every week, your bite-sized tasks in the form of videos and worksheets.

  Weekly live calls 

During each live round, my personal feedback plus weekly ASK ME ANYTHING lives and mini profile reviews to keep you on track.

  Life time access

So you can easily catch up if you fall behind or go through the material again. 

  Online community 

Get support from others, share insights, ask for feedback and get inspired. Open 24x7.

  Personalised workbook

By the end, you'll have created your own personalised workbook you can use whenever your career or job search needs a boost.

  Immediate access 

Sign up now to get immediate access to all the modules so you can get started straight away.

Why my clients love me

Joanne Greaves, Underwriting Controls Specialist

Bite size structure

Joanne Greaves, Underwriting Controls Specialist

The bite size structure makes it easier to work through the content of the course. The support of Sherry, and the supportive environment she creates with the other attendees was invaluable.
Jill Freeman, Facilities Manager

Sherry inspires confidence

Jill Freeman, Facilities Manager

From day 1 Sherry inspires confidence in you & your ability to get this done - as long as you do the work! Having not worked for several years I had felt all at sea with my job search and more remote from LinkedIn than I have ever been.
Neha Lokwani, Senior Agile BA/PM

Rediscovered my strengths

Neha Lokwani, Senior Agile BA/PM

Sherry is highly motivational and inspiring person ... helped me in rediscovering my strengths. Her bite-sized approach to complete the tasks helped me a lot giving a feeling of accomplishment. It was a great learning experience. Thank you, Sherry, for bringing positivity around.
Anna Maddox, Senior Social Leader

Her methods really work

Anna Maddox, Senior Social Leader

Sherry's coaching teaches so much more than how to use LinkedIn (which she also teaches really well). The course changes your mindset to enable you to identify your strengths and be confident to talk about them. The course gave me confidence in what I do as well a an addiction to LinkedIn - her methods really work.
Aneesa Rafiq, Business Analyst

Real tangible results

Aneesa Rafiq, Business Analyst

Sherry is a brilliant coach, providing thought provoking insight on points that have a significant impact on career development. I’ve loved working with Sherry ... produces real tangible results. Thanks Sherry.

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What you get in the core modules