How it works

  • Get clear on your career goals and values so that you don't waste time applying for the wrong jobs

  • Create a powerful LinkedIn profile and CV so that you get noticed and on the shortlist.

  • Find the job of your dreams so that you wake up every single morning excited about work.

  • Know exactly how to prepare for job interviews so that you feel totally in control.

  • Identify your skills and talents so your inner confidence shines through at job interviews.

Accelerate your Job Search

Get your job search off to a brilliant start!

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What you get in the Job Search Accelerator

  • Content

    The resources cover the practicals such as CV, LinkedIn, interview preparation but also confidence, mindset and so much more.

  • Resources

    Get access to my best video resources, PDF resources as well as interviews with some of the UK's leading career experts.

  • Accessibility

    Access the resources whenever and wherever you want.

  • Workbook

    Includes the 28+ page Job Search ebook taking you through the 7 steps to job search with confidence and ease.

  • Community

    Join the Career Conversations Facebook community so that you get support, encouragement and fresh ideas from others.

Course curriculum

How much it costs

It's a one-off joining fee, no repeat payments