Let me help you

  • Make the next career move with confidence and purpose

  • Get promoted and get the career success you want

  • Boost your confidence and self-belief so that you can be more visible

  • Stop feeling frustrated or stuck in a rut

  • Discover ways to get heard so that you make a positive impact

  • Stop that nagging voice in your head that keeps wondering when you're going to get found out

Your career support network

Discover an online community of ambitious women who want to make a bigger impact at work and enjoy a good work-life balance. Get the support, advice & mentoring to make that happen for you.


The Career Club is

an online membership community

You pay a monthly fee because, sure, there are lots of free groups on Facebook, but there's something about making a financial commitment that makes you pay attention. And that's what I want - for you to pay attention to your career. I am creating a space where you can build your personal career support network and get access to career support, mentoring and guidance, from me and other women in the community.

Membership is open to

ambitious women who want more in their career

You're smart and intelligent but not where you want to be in your career. You might be lacking in confidence or self-belief. It's my mission to help you get that dream job that gives you the freedom and work-life balance you so desperately need. Whether you work in technology or professional services, marketing or finance, you deserve to feel powerful and confident. You deserve to be valued and respected. It's your turn. Are you ready??

The Career Club

is a place to ask questions, get advice, learn the skills you need, with a support network around you: weekly accountability emails, live calls and online community.


How it works

  • Monthly live Q&A

    Get your career questions answered LIVE. It's an online video call. If you can't make it live, ask your questions in advance. Recorded so you can listen back later.

  • Resources

    A library of tools and action sheets in PDF format or videos if you prefer watching to reading. Dip in as often and wherever you want.

  • Expert interviews

    Regular interviews with experts and inspirational women who share their career insights. If you can't make it live, catch up on the recording.

  • Online community

    Join the online community and ask questions, share insights and get feedback from other women. Available 24x7.

  • Virtual workshops

    Regular workshops on a range of topics e.g. how to prepare for job interviews or the common mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn.

What other women say about Sherry's coaching

Ashley Aspin, Manchester, HR Professional

Sherry far exceeded my expectations

Ashley Aspin, Manchester, HR Professional

“Sherry far exceeded my expectations … and has enabled me to discover what it is to feel powerful. It’s no exaggeration to say that the experience of working with her has been life-changing.”
Aruna Shah, Sheffield, IT Specialist

Gifted career coach

Aruna Shah, Sheffield, IT Specialist

"Sherry is an incredibly gifted career coach who is extremely personable and energetic. Sherry very clearly has a deep understanding of the challenges women face, especially within technology. Thanks to her coaching, I was able to think objectively, restore my confidence and discover what attributes I had that could help me succeed."
Marion Ellis, Milton Keynes, Surveyor

Renewed enthusiasm to pursue my career

Marion Ellis, Milton Keynes, Surveyor

"“When I worked with Sherry, I was feeling particularly vulnerable and if I am honest, thought that my career as I knew it was over. A day with Sherry ... changed that. I found renewed enthusiasm and a way to explore my career in different ways. Sherry has been a constant support since and I not only highly recommend her services but look forward to working with her again.”
Lorna Mills, Wirral

Sherry's positive mindset contributes to a quality service

Lorna Mills, Wirral

"Sherry brings many talents to her coaching. She is patient, organised and her enthusiasm is infectious. Her good business knowledge and positive mindset really contribute to a quality service. Rare to work with someone so passionate about what they do and I think this is what makes her service really stand out."
Aneesa Rafiq, Business Analyst

Sherry is a brilliant coach

Aneesa Rafiq, Business Analyst

Sherry is a brilliant coach, providing thought provoking insight on points that have a significant impact on career development. I’ve loved working with Sherry on her 5 day sprint and I’d highly recommend it. Working with Sherry produces real tangible results. Thanks Sherry.,

Membership fee

Your host

  • Sherry Bevan

    Author | Coach | Speaker

    Sherry Bevan

    I love working with women but I was fed up seeing so many miss out on career opportunities. So I created the Career Club, an accessible online membership community that gives women the support, tools and accountability they need to get the confidence and career success they want. A former Global Head of IT Service in an international law firm, I now work with women in technology and women in professional or financial services (so mostly in the City). Through my independent coaching practice, The Confident Mother, I help ambitious women manage their career with confidence and purpose, without overwhelm or burnout.

Got questions?

If you're not sure or you've got questions, or you're wondering whether one-to-one coaching would be a better fit for you, let's chat. Book a call with me to get your questions answered.