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This is for you when you want to change direction, take your career to the next level or go back to work after a career break. But you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed, and not sure where or how to get started. Maybe you've lost your sense of self and identity or maybe your confidence has taken a knock. Perhaps you're unsure about your skills and talents - what's valuable and what's not.
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When you're at a crossroads

And don't know which way to turn

It's frustrating when you know you 'should' be able to work it out for yourself. But if it's driving you nuts because you're smart and intelligent, but you feel stuck, join the Hub to get expert help and support. Get everything you need - mindset, story, impact, strategy and support - to get crystal clear in your thinking so you make the right decisions AND take action with confidence and ease. You want a good career that pays a decent salary, and gives you the right intellectual stimulation, and you want a work-life balance that works? Then let's get to it.
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What to expect

When you join your Career Confidence Hub

Think of the Career Confidence Hub as your secret squirrel resource to get ahead in your career: activities, worksheets and checklists to get crystal clear in your thinking; a library of tools to get through the practical and mindset challenges; monthly live Q&A and masterclass so you get your questions answered in person.

When you do get stuck or start to struggle ...

it's because one of these is getting in your way

  • Mindset

    Boost your confidence, cut through the overwhelm, banish the inner critic, and stop procrastinating, so that you get the career that creates the work-life-family balance that works for you, without burning out. Activities & worksheets for your mindset.

  • Story

    Focus on your career story. Identify your unique strengths & talents. Get clear on your values. Understand exactly what employers are looking for. Get it right on LinkedIn, on your CV and in interviews, so that the right opportunities come looking for you.

  • Impact

    Get access to a library of experts to develop your skills and make a bigger impact - from interviews to networking, from pitching clients to managing virtual teams. Your personal questions answered in the monthly masterclasses & live Q&As.

Get unstuck today

Invest in you and your career so you can confidently balance work and life.

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Your results

This is for you if you are willing to invest 30 minutes a week to achieve

  • Absolute confidence in your skills, talents and experience

  • A confident LinkedIn profile that attracts the right opportunities

  • A CV that secures the interviews with employers who believe in you

  • Inner strength and self-belief that wins the job offer

  • Clarity of mind to negotiate the flexibility and work-life balance that fits

  • The salary and role that match your skills and experience

Your investment

The live classes start Autumn 2019.

How it works

Hosted by Sherry Bevan, the UK's leading expert on career confidence for working mums

  • The Hub launches Autumn 2019.

  • To get started, workbook & audio with exercises to help you get clarity and to make notes

  • Every month, a live interview with an expert or inspirational woman (recorded if you can't make it live)

  • Every month, live Q&A to get direct feedback from Sherry (again recorded if you can't make it live)

  • Every month, new content (audio, video or PDF) to help you make an impact at work

  • If there’s a topic missing, ask and if I think it’s a good fit, I’ll create it for you

  • From the day you sign up, full access to the whole library of content (though if you sign up before Autumn 2019 you do this on the understanding the Hub is in pre-launch build mode)

  • Your monthly subscription gets renewed automatically each month. If you decide it's no longer for you, simply cancel your subscription (it's quick and easy), no hard feelings.

Get your career on track

Everything you need to develop your mindset, get clear on your career story and strengthen your skills.

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What other women say

Ashley Aspin, Cheshire


Ashley Aspin, Cheshire

“Having Sherry by my side while I transition from stay at home mum to working mum has been utterly invaluable. Her gentle but firm approach has given me the chance to re-engage with the “professional” within me, allowing me to move forward. She delivered a fantastic and generous level of support, encouragement and guidance without it ever feeling forceful, and she has an incredible knack for teasing out and addressing any issues that may be blocking progress. Sherry far exceeded my expectations … and has enabled me to discover what it is to feel powerful. It’s no exaggeration to say that the experience of working with her has been life-changing."
Vicky Warr, Hertfordshire

Cut through the overwhelm

Vicky Warr, Hertfordshire

"Sherry has a natural ability to pick up on someone’s strengths and when you work with her she will help you get clear on what those are so you can really focus on what you are good at doing (even if you are not sure what these are). Her clarity and action taking through her range of volunteering and professional experience puts her ahead of many coaches and she has certainly helped me cut through the overwhelm AND focus on implementing steps to move forward in my life and work being a mother."
Hannah Bryant, Kent

Work life balance

Hannah Bryant, Kent

"Sherry has been my coach for the past four months and has been key to giving me the confidence and self belief to open my own business after an eight year career break. When I lose my direction or can’t see the wood for the trees she is very good at challenging my thinking and getting me back on track. Her extensive contacts and knowledge both locally and nationally have been very beneficial. All of this has been framed realistically against my work life balance aspirations as a mother of two small boys."

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to get practical straightforward careers advice

About your host

  • Sherry Bevan

    Author | Coach | Speaker

    Sherry Bevan

    I love working with women but I was fed up seeing so many miss out on career opportunities. So I created the Career Club, an accessible online membership community that gives women the support, tools and accountability they need to get the confidence and career success they want. A former Global Head of IT Service in an international law firm, I now work with women in technology and women in professional or financial services (so mostly in the City). Through my independent coaching practice, The Confident Mother, I help ambitious women manage their career with confidence and purpose, without overwhelm or burnout.

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